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Abayagiriya Mahatissa Fahien Museum

The vision of the Museum –
Abayagiriya was not only an international religions center but also an international Buddhist university a full fill art & technology and was a land which held the national affairs’ at the past.

The Abayagiriya museum is located at Abayagiriya Vihara complex which north to old citadel at Madhyama Nuwara Additional secretary of Anuradhapura district.             
The Vision of the Museum is that express the dietary & proud of the country ac coding to the artifacts of the Museum.

The Exhibiting Artifacts

The sacred feet’s, Buddha statues, Bodisathwa statues, inscriptions, guard stones, reliquaries, beads, coins, Varco us type of potteries and ornaments have been exhibited.
The various type rare of artifacts which were in gold , silver, crystal, glass, iron, copper, clay & rock materials have been exhibited     at the museum which was found from the site.
The Mahayana Engrave plate, coins, seals, the Nagaraja statue, gold plate Balls, copper casket, gold bangles & analects are the important things which are exhibiting at the abayagiriya museum.
The Mahayana Engrave casket had been manufactured among with century AD and it also had been made in north India. This had storage above go tees from Abayagiri stupa womb.
The punched Mark coins, Swastika, bull type, lion type & all local coin types are exhibiting at the museum. There can be seen much of south Indian coins, Roman coins, Indus-Roman coins, which expressed the foreign affairs with other countries. The most important factor was that there had been found the evidence which was manufacture the Abayagiri gold coins. The coin seals had been made in & those belonged on 9th Century   A.D.
The Nagaraja statue had conserved & also it had storage the museum. It had found from the Western gate of sannipatha hall. There had been found five gold plate balls & 22 gold coins and also those are exhibiting at the museum.
The copper casket had found form the excavation & there were much of jewelries in that casket. Those are also exhibiting.
The gold bangle & analects were similar to halukya engraves which belonged about 8th century A.D
There also had been found gold, crystal, glass queries specially these glass queries had coursed to reveal that there had progress the architecture & also about the glass industry.

Sanitary Methods

There can be seen formal lavatory at all the sangarama of Abayagiriya complex. The lavatories & lavatory stone which were in eco friendly, very developed & also healthy type have been exhibited at Abayagiriya museum.

The service of the museum

There  has been informed about the architectural both of buildings and monuments which were found from the Abayagiriya site in audio- visually can be watched both of English & Sinhala mediums in an audio-visual room.

There can be take the information for the site trips from the project officers of the site.

The sale center
The books which were published by Central Cultural Found & also other authors   can be brought at this section.

Museum open times
(whole the yers)
7.30 A.M -5.30 P.M.
Local tickets –          Elders             - Rs.20.00
                                    Children        -Rs.10.00
Foreign tickets -      Elders             - Rs.3250.00

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Children        -Rs.1675.00


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