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The exploration project on traditional industry of Monaragala district was carried out

The exploration project on traditional industry of Monaragala district was carried out by the Rohana logistic cultural of the Central Cultural Fund. This exploration was carried out with a sixteen provisional secretariat division and it was discovered information about 21 numbers of traditional industry. Bobbin lace, Batik, Coir, Ayurvedic, Clay, Masks, Fishery, Gold, Silver, Wood-work, Cane, Pan, Forge, Coconut shell design, Kithul, Silk, Bamboo, Vetake, Ceramic are industry which were found during the erploration.

Underwater Archaeology Training by Maritime Archaeology Unit of CCF

The annual underwater archaeology training program conducted to give a theoretical and practical knowledge for future archaeologists was held at Galle from 11 to 20 May 2015. Ninteen undergraduates from 05 universities (University of Kelaniya, Peradeniya, Ruhuna, Rajarata and Sri Jayawardhanapura) participated for this 10 day onsite training program. 31.05.2015

Sabaragamuwa cultural show in Sigiriya Museum

The Sabaragamuwa Dancing Show will be held on 27th of August at 6.30 pm at Sigiriya Museum outdoor theater presented by Avida Dancing Group and Academy. All are welcome.

Polonnaruwa Hinterland exploration project

Polonnaruwa Hinterland exploration project was commenced on 25th April 2015. This project is implemented by the Central Cultural Fund as a collaborative project with Postgraduate institute of Archaeology (PGIAR), University of Kelaniya , Sri Lanka and the University of Durham, UK.  Robin Coningham UNESCO Professor & Pro- Vice chancellor, university of Durham visited Polonnaruwa on 25th and 26th April to take initiatives to commence the research. A guest lecture of Prof Robin Conningham was organized by the CCF and PGIAR on 27th April under the theme of’’ Preserving the Ntatal Landscape of Buddha in Nepal’’.

Zheng He’s Joint Project at Beruwala

According to the Memorandum of Understanding between Institute of Acoustics Chinese Academy of Sciences (People’s Republic of China) and The Central Cultural Fund (Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka) in the Search for Wreckages of Zheng He's Fleets off the Coast of Sri Lanka, the two sides have agreed to carry out the sea survey of Sri Lanka . The first season was successfully completed in March and April 2015.

Prof. Prishanta Gunawardena was appointed as the Director General of Central cultural Fund

Prof. Prishanta Gunawardena was appointed as the Director General of Central cultural Fund. He assumed his duties on 19th march 2015 at the head office of central cultural fund, Prof. Gamini Adikari former Director General of Central Cultural Fund, Director of Rupawahini cooperation, Both of present and former working Directors of Central Cultural Fund, Senior lectures form University of Kelaniya and PGIAR (Post Graduate Institute of Archaeology), staff members of Central Cultural Fund also participated in this occasion.

ICCROM Alumini

ICCROM Alumini in Sri Lanka was established on 07th December . Venue is PGIAR auditorium. Dr. Stefano De Caro, Director General, ICCROM , Prof. Gamaini Adhikari, Director General, Central Cultural Fund, Dr. Gamaini Wijesuriya, Project Manager,  Site Unit, ICCROM and Sharif Shams IMON, Assistant Professor and Director, Heritage Studies Centre , China and ICCROM course participents of Sri Lanka were present on this occasion

ICCROM Annual Conservation Forum 2014

ICCROM-CHA (Korea) 2nd Annual Conservation Forum 2014 titled Authenticity in the Asian Context was held on 8 - 12 December 2014, Sri Lanka. It was held in collaboration with Ministry of National Heritage, Sri Lanka, Department of Archaeology, Sri Lanka,Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka and Central Cultural Fund

Central Artifact Conservation Laboratory Anuradhapura

In the year 1985 this laboratory  was taken over to the central cultural fund. Then it was commenced as an artifact conservation laboratory under the guidance by British ladies of Miss Jill Gullef and Anne McLane.  Attached to the central cultural fund as an artefact conservator. The artefacts are brought here for conservation from every project. This laboratory has launched a program to train students. This laboratory is now being developed rapidly with human resources and with it modern equipment's. Recently this building was repaired and given a view of a good looking laboratory and sufficient facilities. The main objective of the laboratory is conservation and preservation of the artefacts and saving the glory of our past heritage for the future generations.

On the visit of UN Volunteers

UN Volunteer group of youth held an introduction workshop in Jetavana Auditorium on 26th November 2014 in mentioning their part for preserving heritage sites in Sri Lanka.

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