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Renovations of the Jethavana Sthupa Upper part is close to end

It is very close to end the upper part of Jethavana Sthupa. It was finished 80% to October 2016. In 2012, Sthupa was damaged. Under the guidance of Mr. Vidyapathi Gamunu Silva (former president of national engineering board) it was renovated with the help of SL Army and members of Jethavana project. Is is a very big a challengeable task handling by CCF which was biggest sthupa (273-300AC) 

The maritime archaeology museum celebrated the world tourism day

The maritime archaeology museum celebrated the world tourism day 2016, it's one of the major event which take place in museum.In this year we did a work shop for the students who do tourism management diploma at hnda labuduwa. They were introduced the maritime archaeology museum and black fort.

A culture heritage show at Ape Gama

A culture heritage show organized by the CCF held at Ape Gama, Battaramulla on 22nd , 23rd and 24th September 2016 distinguished patronage of Honorable Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, Ministry of Education.


CCF celebrated world aboriginal’s day

CCF celebrated world aboriginal’s day with Sri Lankan aborigines on 2016 Aug. 9th  at Dabana aboriginal village. The leader of Sri Lankan aboriginal clan Vishvakirthi Vanaspathi Uruvarige Vnnila Aththo invited to additional sectary Ministry of Education Mr. Asoka Sirivardhana, Director General CCF Prof. Prishanta Gunavardhana for the event.


Former DG passed away

Mr.W.H.Vijayapala passed away on 29th august 2016 who was the former Director General in Central Cultural Fund and department of archaeology. In between 2004 - 2007 he was the DG of the CCF and director in Galle fort, Ramba vihara and Tissamaharama sandagiriya project.

New Appointments  Of  The Consultants And Directors

New appointments were made for the Consultants and Directors of the Central Cultural Fund proposed projects. The letters of appointment was given by Hon.Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, Minister of Education at the Head Office of the CCF on 2nd March 2016. Mr Deepthi Perera Coordinating Secretary to the Minister of Education,  Mr Kalpa Gunarathna Media Secretary to the Ministry of Education, Prof.Prishanta Gunawardana Director General, CCF, Mr Karunarathna Herath, Working Director, CCF and several other senior officials of the CCF also attended this event


Queen’s Chamber (Medavasala) is open to the public

The Queen’s Chamber (Medavasala) in the City of Kandy, which was conserved by the Central Culture Fund (CCF) was opened for the public on 5th March 2016. This historical monument was inaugurated by Hon. Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, Minister of Education with the participation of Hon. Lakshman Kiriella, Minister of Highways Higher Education.

The history of Polonnaruwa runs far back through the excavations carried out by the POLAARP.

Historical evidences about Polonnaruwa were recently discovered by the research team headed by pro.Robin Coningham of University of Durham. Through the excavation done at the premises of Polonnaruwa Shiwa dewala number two ancient bases which are older than the exiting building were discovered and also discovered 125kg of iron during this excavation. As it was described by the Pro.Prishante Gunawardana Director General of CCF the stone tools made of kahadha stone which were used by the people of hunting stage were discovered

Hinterland Exploration project of Polonnaruwa is scheduled during the period of 26th August- 20th September 2015.

This project is implemented by the Central Cultural Fund as a collaborative project with the University of Durham, UK. Robin Coningham UNESCO Professor & Pro- Vice chancellor, university of Durham is appointed the co director of the projectThis project was designed with a long term plan so as to link the academic staff of the whole country including universities of Ruhuna, Kelaniya, Rajarata and Sri Jayawardhanapura. .


The Abhayagiri Stupa opening ceremony fund launched on 31 July Esala full moon day

The Abhayagiri Stupa which was conserved by the central cultural fund since 20 years was ceremoning launch on 31 July Esala full moon day. Three days enchanting was conducted by the central cultural fund on 28,29,30 July. The chief guest of the ceremony was his excellency the president Maithreepala Sirisena.


CCF will issue tourist ticket only from the offices at sites


We have by inform you that the Central Cultural Fund has decided to issue all tourist tickets only from cultural Triangle Site from 01st June 2015, as we have found much more difficulties in issuing from Colombo office and extending their validity after 14 days.

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