Director-GeneralI am indeed privilege to present a message for the web site of Central Cultural Fund.

Information managing means that we are managing our institution. Also dissemination of information is fundamental to that task. The web site in that sense provides an imperative source of contact point to mammoth interest parlance of heritage lovers in the world. I take this opportunity to jot down few words about Central Cultural Fund.

UNESCO Sri Lanka project of the Cultural Triangle which is presently known as Central Cultural Fund has been licensed by the Archaeological Department to carry out the archaeological activities and commenced its operations in 1982.The UNESCO Sri Lanka project of the Cultural Triangle has been identified as a “model campaign” among its thirty two projects scattered in different parts of the world. Cultural triangle was established by three major projects name Anuradhapura , polonnaruwa and Kandy which were in three corners of the triangle.

After few decades it developed as central cultural fund with sixteen projects in different parts of the country. Central Cultural Fund is a result of a team of dedicated people including professional like Dr. Roland Siva and prof. Senaka Bandaranayake who had put solid past in history since 1930s. I am confident that reflects their enthusiasm and willingness to take challenges in keeping to produce rich results. The comprehensive task of our institution is  to preserve our heritage and revitalize the ancient glory of our country and to bring back the pride of our history. In that sense all these projects are being implemented by our mission all over the country.

I take this opportunity to congratulate Hon. Priminister Ranil wikkramasingha, chairman of Central Cultural Fund , board of Directors and all the officers and the staff  who are working  restlessly at the site for their commitment and dedication to take initiative in implementing works. I extend my best to the Director General, Department of Archaeology and to his loyal team for their painstaking effort in preserving heritage.

Formation of CCF web site reckon as a source of information which has become ready reference guide for the public as well as the tourists. Finally I invite all our professionals, researchers as well as the public and other stakeholders to make full use of this website with sense of meticulous care.

Prof. Prishanta Gunawardhana,
Director General,
Central Cultural Fund.