As its primary objective under the programmes of the activities undertaken by the Central Cultural Fund is the endowment to posterity, the prosperity of ancient Sri Lankan society.

The structures such as the viharas, stupas, reservoirs and anicuts built during the time of the Sinhala kings together with the intangible cultural heritage of the Sri Lankans that had baffled the world have instilled in them a great respect. We are duty bound for the protection of the aforesaid inheritance as well as enlighten the domestic and foreign societies on them.

The admirable task undertaken by the Central Cultural Fund not only to conserve and maintain the innumerable Buddhist places of worship spread through the length and breadth of the country as well as the structures of archaeological value pertaining to Hindu, Catholic and Islamic religions  located in the island veritably ushers in a concept of reconciliation among the various races.

I fervently wish the Central Cultural Fund, while correctly identifying its goals, will continue its good work to establish the Sri Lankan identity throughout the world by harnessing its resources for promotional and qualitative services.  

Hon. Sajith Premadasa

Minister of Housing, Construction & Cultural Affairs