z p51-Shrouded1The Ibbankatuwa Megalithic Burial Site was opened for public viewing under the patronage of Hon. AkilaVirajKariyawasam the Minister of Education on 11th February 2017. Ibbankatuwa now identified as a Megalithic Burial site, which for over a period of two decades received the unstinted attention of local and foreign archaeologists was left to degradation for many years from lack of conservation. From 2015 as a Heritage Management Project it was subject to conservation for the local and foreign tourists. On the main themes of education, tourism, conservation and humanity, the development was fostered.

By the last quarter of 2015, a cluster of burials was subject to excavation within the legal archaeological framework and the final report of its findings is in the process of being compiled. Ibbankatuwa Megalithic archaeological site, which was in a state of ruin has now in its conserved state being instrumental in contributing to the upliftment of the pastoral economy and to the generation of economically developed environment resulting in the growth of the gross domestic product of the region. The lesson on Ibbankatuwa appearing in the grade 10 text book would relatively impart to school children, an educational background of the site to enable them to view it with added interest. Likewise, all amenities are provided for both local and foreign tourists visiting this site to appreciate the full potential of its prehistoric attributes.