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Hindu Shrines
.Due to the Chola invasion there is a high influence of the Hindu culture within Polonnaruwa. At least fourteen Hindu shrines have been found. Some of the most popular findings near these shrines are the bronze artefacts which are considered to be some of the best Hindu sculptures
Shiva Devala no 1  



Shiva is one of the three most important Hindu gods. Located at the main entrance of the Polonnaruwa quadrangle this shrine was probably built during the Hindu domination around the 13th Century. A number of bronze materials were found at this site.

Shiva Devala no 2  


This is probably one of the earliest monuments found in Polonnaruwa. Built in the name of the Queen of the Chola King Rajarata this shrine has Tamil inscriptions on the South wall of this building.




Also known as the Cobra shrine because of a cobra’s hood that was probably placed on top of the brick dome which was found toppled over behind the building. This shrine was dedicated to the god Vishnu as there are many bronze images depicting it that have been found. These images are
now placed at the museum of the Central Cultural Fund.



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