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Production Unit

The Production Unit of the ARC focuses on reproducing authentic, high quality replicas in different media such as cement, fiberglass, terra cotta, brass, bronze, ceramic, wood and stone. The ARC caters to the international and local market. It also undertakes orders to construct special creations like portraits, souvenirs, statues etc.

A sample of special models and replicas completed by the professional craftspeople of the Production Unit.
In 2006 the Olympic Lamp at the Sugathadasa Stadium in Colombo. (9 ft. in height)
Model of Galvihara Complex of Polonnaruwa at Rankothvihara, Palmadulla in 2007
Replica of Abhayagiri Samadi Buddha Statue of Anuradhapura in solid Dolomite stone presented to China by HE The President of Sri Lanka commemorating the 50th year of alliance between Sri Lanka & China in 2006-2007
A collection of artefact replicas for the Exhibition of Sri Lankan Heritage in Japan held in 2008
Special Oil Lamp in Brass lit by the Heads of 8 member states at the 15th SAARC summit held in Colombo in 2009
The Special models & artefact replicas of Maritime Archaeology Museum, Galle in 2009 - 2010


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