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In the 5th Century, King Kasyapa built his royal palace by transforming a natural rock into his fortress. The Sigiriya Lion rock fortress, considered to be a wonder of the world, is one of Sri Lanka’s most convoluted and invaluable sites. Landscaped into water gardens, island pavilions, courtyards and buildings by the king himself the natural fortress is a symbol of pride for its people.

Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, Sigiriya in recent times is gaining special attention by the Central Cultural Fund in order to conserve certain elements such as the Mirror wall, frescos, lions paw and even the rock itself.
The palace  

It’s most outstanding aspect is that the rock summit was used to build the Kings palace which can be accessed through a gaping mouth of a lion and its astronomical paws that were built on the plateau.


The western face of the rock was once covered with a painted surface. Paintings of heavenly damsels (Apsara’s) or ladies that graced the king’s court are viewable within a cave on the side of the rock. The Apsaras are floating among the clouds holding flowers and trays and retiring to the temple shrine at Pidurangala which is neighbouring the Sigiriya rock. The broad brush strokes on the figures displays unique classical qualities of painting techniques of that time. These classical works of art are similar to the famous mural paintings of Ajanta in India.

The Mirror wall built along the rock is a unique facet. It displays the flair of Sinhalese poets as they scribbled their thoughts on the mirror like surface of the wall upon their visits between the 6th and the 13th centuries.

Water Gardens  
To the west of the Sigiriya rock one cannot miss the four symmetrically constructed ponds decked with natural water fountains. It’s undoubtedly displaying the great skills of the landscape architects of classical times


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