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Ridi Viharaya

Ridi Viharaya is a monastery in Ridi Gama village of Madure Korale at Vauda Villi Hatpattuwa in the Kurunegala district. It is situated 1km from the Ridi Gama village.

The history of Ridi Viharaya dates back to the Kandyan Kingdom. It was initially built by King Dutugamunu in 161-137A.D. and was recognized as a Vihara of the Kandy Kingdom. The Ridi Viharaya was later developed during the reign of King Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe.
There are caves which were used by the ancient monks with Brahmin inscriptions on its surface such as “Dammarakitaterasa Manapa Dasane (The Manapa Dassana cave of Dammarakita). These Brahmin inscriptions could possibly be by the monks who lived during King Devanampiyatissa period. The social, economic and political structures of that time were identified through the inscriptions. The Mahavamsa is one such source that provides us with insight on this magnificent monument.
The Sarasum Gala, Varaka Veladu Viharaya, Hevisi Mandapaya, Maha Viharaya, Uda Viharaya and Cave paintings are all important facets that should be encountered. Signs of the Hindu culture can be seen on the Varaka Veladu Viharaya while Dutch tiles carrying the picture of Jesus can be seen at the Maha Viharaya site. These Dutch tiles were a gift by the Dutch to King Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe. The Makara Thorama of the Uda Viharaya is also an important site.

Archaeological evidence of the Ridi Viharaya site        
Currently archaeology research is being carried out within the section of the old cemetery. A copper plate was found during excavations. These excavations carried out by the CCF takes place under sections such as NW, NE, SE and SW. Copper based artifacts have also been found such as bangles, coins and rings.

Serasum Gala
Varaka Veladu Viharaya
Maha Viharaya
Uda Viharaya
Cave Painting

Hevisi Mandapaya



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