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The Central Cultural Fund is one of the premier institutions in managing Sri Lanka's cultural heritage, with the focus on scientific research, conservation, interpretation, development and promotion of nation’s cultural heritage. While benefiting the country in social, spiritual, educational and economic terms, we are obliged to ensure the handing over of nation’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage to the future generations in full richness, in terms of their heritage values.

Commencing operations in 1980 with six projects under UNESCO-Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle Program, presently the institution has extended its activities covering the entire country, through twenty-six projects. The wide range of activities further spans through museum management, publications, maritime archaeological activities, replica production and laboratory research.

The Central Cultural Fund anticipates to integrate the emerging technologies to intensify the country’s rich cultural heritage values in the international arena in a broader perspective. Further, we intend to realize our objectives in capacity building, responsible employment, high quality scholarly research, information accessibility, national and international collaborations and community-based heritage protection approaches, to make align the nation’s cultural heritage sector to the sustainable development agendas of the country and the world.

Hence, I hope that this institutional website will cater you the best in fulfilling your information needs and also will enhance your engagement with us.



Prof. Gamini Ranasinghe

Director General