The museum in Sigiriya is well known to be the most attractive in South Asia, managed by the Central Cultural Fund.  Sigiriya Museum represents its cultural, technological and archaeological value. Three decades of archaeological research on Sigiriya,  the famous UNESCO world heritage site, can be explored at the Sigiriya Museum.

The design of the museum was inspired by the sophisticated design of Sigiriya itself. It followed the concept of Green Building with the mastery use of water and the use of trees so that it stimulates a true experience. Furthermore, the floors are built so that visitors can feel the Sigiriya climb through the ascending terraces and the wide stairways.

Upon entering the Sigiriya Museum one has to go through a brick tunnel that was designed similarly to the archway of the Sigiriya fortress. Inside there are exhibits of various artifacts found through archaeological excavations such as a human skeleton, tools, jewels, sculptures and much more. The galleries are also filled with drawings, photographs and information to its visitors so that the assistance of a guide is not required. Some of the most significant artefacts are the iron melting Kiln and the purple tone embedded gold earring.

Opening Hours

Every day 8.00 am to 5.00 pm

Visitor Activaties

  • Cultural shows

The Sigirya Museum has prepared a series of monthly events that would showcase the cultural diversity in Sri Lanka. Traditional dance and drama events are scheduled in the program. These events will be held at the Open Air Theater of the museum. The cultural events organized by the Sigiriya Museum are popular among the villagers and the tourists to Sigiriya.

  • Activities for Children  
  • Temporary Exhibitions

Visitor Facilities

  • Tourist Information Center
  • Lavatory facilities
  • Assistance from Information Officers for guiding inside the museum
  • Book Shop and Souvenir shop

Museum Entrance Fee

Tickets for the museum are provided with the same ticket that is used to climb the Sigiriya Rock Fortress.

  Full Half
US $ 30.00 15.00
Value Rs. 6090.00 3045.00

To visit only the Museum

US $ 5.00
Value Rs. 1015.00

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