The Maritime Archaeological Museum in Galle was declared open on 04th March 2004 with the aim of closeting Sri Lanka’s maritime archaeological heritage to the public. The museum is located in the warehouse built by the Dutch East Indies Company in the Galle Fort in 1672. The ancient Galle Fort is an exquisite example of colonial military fortifications established after Sri Lanka’s southern coastal region came under European colonial powers. A number of Dutch architectural style buildings including religious places, hospitals, schools, official residences, armories, prisons, and courts complexes were built inside the fort. Since Sri Lanka’s southern coastal region, which was under the Dutch, came under British rule in 1796, remains of three European colonial periods can be seen inside the Galle Fort which is notable for its architectural features.

The museum building consists of an information center, four galleries, an auditorium, a conservation laboratory, and a publications stall.

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Visitor Facilities

  • Lavatory facilities
  • Assistance from Information Officers for guiding inside the museum
  • Book Shop and Souvenir shop

Opening Hours

8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. daily (Closed on special government holidays)

Museum Entrance Fee

  Full Half
US $ 5.00 2.50
Value Rs. 1015.00 507.50

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