The information system of all Buddhist temples island wide was unveiled at Temple Trees on 29th of December 2021. This information system compiled by the Department of Buddhist Affairs can be accessed at

This project is being implemented on the instructions of Hon. Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse as the Minister of Buddhasasana Religious and Cultural Affairs under the Project for Digitization of Public Institutions. Launching of the website of the Ministry of Buddhasasana Religious and Cultural Affairs ( in all three languages ​​was also launched at this moment.

The Department of Buddhist Affairs expects to perform their duties through this database from the 3rd of January 2022, parallel to the launch of this information system. Under this system, the registration of temples, the acceptance of the posts of Chief Incumbents as well as the provision of opportunities for institutions and individuals for the development of temples will be formalized.

This database currently contains information on 13,972 temples and facilitates access to relevant information at the district level. There are 44,846 monks residing in these 13,972 temples. In addition, the new database includes information on 10,417 Dhamma Schools and the 127,381 teachers and students of each Dhamma School.

The latest information system introduced by the Central Cultural Fund under the Ministry of Buddhasasana Religious and Cultural Affairs was also added to the internet. Details of the research carried out on the identification of 107 submerged archeological monuments will be posted on the website of the Central Cultural Fund ( in the near future.

Information about 101 ships and six aircraft under the sunken archeological monuments, as well as the history, photographs and videos of those events will be posted online. The project aims to transform these destinations into local and international tourist destinations by contributing to the tourism industry. Relevant information is currently available at

Dr. Ven. Agrahera Kassapa Thero was the special guest on this occasion. Gamini Senarath, Secretary to the Prime Minister, Prof. Kapila Gunawardena, Secretary to the Ministry of Buddhasasana Religious and Cultural Affairs, Chaminda Kularatne, Attorney-at-Law, Additional Secretary to the Prime Minister, Sunanda Kariyapperuma, Commissioner General of Buddhist Affairs, and Prof. Gamini Ranasinghe, Director General of the Central Cultural Fund, were also present at this occasion.