Conservation of sites of historical, archaeological or cultural importance of the Colombo and Kalutara districts are undertaken by this Project and assistance is also provided for the development of these sites and monuments of national importance. At present, four work sites are maintained covering the Colombo and Kalutara districts under the Colombo Project.

kelani temple

The Most Attractive Places in Colombo


Beruwala Sapugoda Sri Maha ViharaBeruwala Sapugoda Sri Maha Vihara

Mural Conservation (09.03.2017-09.06.2017) Chemist Mr Lalith Kumarasiri worked as the officer-in-charge.


kolonnawa rajamaha viharaKolonnawa Rajamaha Vihara

Mural Conservation (28.07.2017-28.10.2017)


Sandagiri-Monastery--2Samanakkanda Purana Vihara, Payagala

Conservation of the roof of the vihara mandira.


raigma rajamaha viharaKitsirimevan Rajamaha Vihara, Pokunuvita

Conservation of walls and roof of the avasa.