It has been archaeologically confirmed that Badulla heritage zone located in the central hills of Sri Lanka is a zone where human activities had taken place since the pre-historic period (about 30,000 years from today). A number of stone caves and downs where the pre-historic man lived have been identified. Similarly, many Buddhist monasteries with drip-ledged stone caves representing the historic age are scattered in the region. With coffee and tea plantations established by the English at the end of 17th century, Badulla area came under colonial rule. As a result, many colonial legacies such as churches, tea factories, highways, railways, bridges, and railway stations are found in the region. Moreover, several areas inhabited by Sri Lankan aborigines are found within this heritage zone of which Dambana is famous. The Central Cultural Fund started heritage management within the zone in 2016 with special attention paid to the Vedda people.

Welekade old market- Badulla