Kegalle is a geographical zone with uneven mountainous land located within the wet zone. A lot of archaeological evidence is scattered over this zone about the pre-historic man of Sri Lanka. Evidence about ancient humans of over 27,000 years has been unearthed in places like Kitulgala Belilena, Manaingama Belilena, Alulena, etc. Similarly, a large number of Buddhist monasteries from the 3rd century to the historical period are scattered over this zone. The drip-ledged cave temples and the tampita viharas show that in their construction due attention has been paid to amalgamating the existing environment. Most of these caves contain inscriptions with pre-Brahmi and post-Brahmi characters. At present there is a plethora of monasteries with paintings of the Kandyan tradition within this heritage zone.

In 2016, the Central Cultural Fund has started heritage management activities in this heritage zone and attention has been paid more to the caves where pre-historic humans lived and the monasteries with paintings of the Kandyan tradition.

kegalle ritigala