Archaeological heritage of the Ratnapura district belonging to the wet zone of Sri Lanka represents those of the pre-historic age to historic age. In research into the pre-historic age, this region has been confirmed as a significant zone where evidence is available up to the Pleistocene age. Much important archaeological evidence belonging to the Pleistocene age has been discovered in such places as Bellanbendi pelesssa, Kuruvita, Pelmadulla, Kalawana, etc. Evidence that goes back to over 60,000years from today about animal evolution and evidence that goes back to over 37,000 from today about the prehistoric humans of Sri Lanka have been found in areas around Ratnapura. This zone marked by wet zone environmental features and mountainous land area contain many Buddhist monasteries of the pre-historic age.

The heritage management of the Ratnapura district was begun by the Central Cultural Fund in 2016 centred on Sri Lanka’s pre-historic heritage. Under this project action is taken to conserve such sites and provide for the general public to visit and study them.