During the 52 years (1017-1070) of the Chola’s rule in the North of the Island King Vijayabahu, with the aim of strengthening the South first resided in Ramba Viharaya. For fifteen years the king built his army from the Ramba Monastic Complex and in 1070 ousted the Chola’s from Polonnaruwa. Historical texts further state that King Parakramabahu, the great, along with his family spent some time at the Ramba Viharaya. Even the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha was enshrined here. Buddhist monks from all parts of the island would gather for meditation and prayer.

Excavations at the site by the Central Cultural Fund reveal that from around the 12th Century the complex was subjected to foreign relations from various countries. Its position beside the Walawe River made the monastic complex a hub for economic trade and development. The Central Cultural Fund has uncovered plenty of rich archaeological finds at the Ramaba complex that belongs to the Anuradhapura period.


The Most Attractive Places in Ramba Monastery

Maha Nagakula

Ancient international harbour

Buddha image